About me

I’m Zuohui Fu, a last year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, under the supervision of Prof. Gerard de Melo and co-advised by Prof. Yongfeng Zhang. I received M.S. degree from University of Notre Dame in 2017. Before that, I received B.S. degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT) in 2014.

My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Fairness Machine Learning, with the emphasis on multi-lingual semantic matching, dialogue systems and towards explainable, fair and human-centered recommender systems, etc.

Industry Experience

  • Bloomberg AI, Research Intern, New York, NY, (2021 Summer)
  • Facebook, PhD Software Engineer(ML) Intern, Menlo Park, CA, (2020 Summer)
  • Microsoft Research, Research Intern, Redmond, WA, (2019 Summer)
  • Tencent America WeChat AI, Research Intern, Palo Alto, CA, (2018 Summer, 2019 Winter)
  • IBM Chinese Research Lab, Research Intern, Beijing, China, (2017 Summer)

Academic Service

  • PC member/Reviewer:
    • ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), Neurocomputing, Information Sciences
    • AAAI’20,21,22, AACL-IJCNLP’20, ACL’20,21, AKBC’21, CIKM’20,21, COLING’20, EACL’21, EARS@SIGIR’19,20, ECIR’20, EMCL-PKDD’20,21, EMNLP’19,20,21, ICLR’21,22, ICML’21, ICWSM’21, NAACL-HLT’21, NeurIPS’20,21, RecSys’19,20, KDD’21, SIGIR’21, The Web Conf’21,22, etc.

Teaching Service

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
    • CS 533: Natural Language Processing(20 Spring)
    • CS 512: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms(19 Spring)
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
    • CS 440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(21 Spring)
    • CS 344: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms(20 Fall)
    • CS 323: Numerical Analysis and Computing(19 Spring)
    • CS 336: Principles of Information and Data Management(18 Spring)
    • CS 214: System Programming(17 Fall, 18 Fall)

Collaborated/Supervised Students:

  • Zhe Hu (M.Sc in Northeastern University, now Baidu)
  • Yaxin Zhu (M.Sc in Rutgers University, now Ph.D. in UMass Amherst)

Awards and Activities

  • Pass Ph.D. Defense on 09/16/2021
  • CIKM 2021 Travel Award
  • Co-organize a tutorial on Conversational Recommendation at RecSys 2020, WSDM 2021 and IUI 2021. Check the website.
  • SIGIR 2020 Travel Award
  • Pass Ph.D. Qualifying Exam on 03/03/2020
  • SIGIR 2019 Travel Award
  • ACL 2019 Volunteer
  • Ranked top 2 in DSTC7(Dialog System Technology Challenges) Sentence Selection Track